The second half of life..

By twigs

The blot on the horizon

Oh my goodness - it's been sooooo cold today :( Rainy this morning then fine this afternoon but still with a coldness in the air that made me feel like there must surely be some snow falling somehwere nearby.

There was nothing for it but to hunker down in my office and crank the heater up. Fortunately J who I share an office with seems to have a similar body temperature system to me so I think we'll probably have one of the warmest, snuggliest offices in school once the real winter sets in!

Through a freak of the timetable I actaully had no classes today. I had thought I'd got one but it turned out I'd overlooked one small matter of a shared class - I'll have them on Friday, not today. So I set forth and got well and truly stuck in to a number of administrative tasks that I needed to do. It felt good to be able to use my time in a focused, productive and relatively uninterrupted way. I felt like I made a huge dent in my work pile.

ON the drive home the clouds and sun were doing the most wonderful things but I couldn't get to a parking spot quickly enough to be able to capture it well enough hence the compromise - the fading sun's effects but no clouds!

This blot has irked me for years. Why on earth would a factory spewing ugly plumes of steam be built on the waterfront in full view of the bay? Yes, it is 'only' steam, not noxious smoke, but it still makes for a rather ugly skyline.

Ah well - I guess it won't be moving anytime soon so there's not a lot of point in getting wound up about it.

Ok - off to get a cuppa before heading to bed early.


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