secret garden

By freespiral

Royal fern unfolding

Grey with drizzle - very wet drizzle at that. Too wet to wander far so a quick trip round the garden. The plants are enjoying the rain and the royal ferns around the big pond are unfurling. They are wonderful coppery colours on the outside but will soon be bright green on the inside.

Still trying to sort out everything for the commercial cards I'm doing with a friend. It's been a bit of a mission as the original order went in on the 7th February and things have only been finalised today! The story is long and tedious but involved the digital equipment breaking down, people going on holiday, bereavements and lost images. I've got a bit disillusioned by it all and the friend who recommended this company is mortified as they have always been speedy and reliable for her. Anyway, they should be printed this week and arrive early next week. Don't hold your breath. Our final name - Wayfarer cards!!! I would like to say it's after you Wayfarer, but actually my colleague always uses 'wayfaring' in her e-addresses so we went for that.

Final art house til after Easter - A Winter's Bone, an American coming of age story, meant to be a bit bleak but very well done. Before that himself has to be interviewed by RTE (Irish radio) on the delights of Wwwoofing (world wide opportunities on organic farms). He has to go to the wilds of Coomhola and find Nobby's house!! He's just had a telephone chat with the researcher. He sounded good.

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