Five things

By fivethings

The chocolate table

1. I was awake dead early with thoughts of the Crown and Anchor swirling round. What one minute seems like a daft idea the next seems to make total sense.

2. I forget every time that I actually like getting up early, having time to have a coffee, pick an outfit, iron an outfit, change an outfit and none of it at the last minute makes for a stress-free start to the day.

3. This is the chocolate table in our office. It's called that because it's where all the chocolate sits but also because Colin made it and covered it with lots of chocolate wrappers. Sweet.

4. My drawing pals all had better things to do tonight so after a long day and a walk in the stour and drizzle a night at home beckoned. £7 on housey magazines later and I'm tucking in to the fruits of last nights labour with a full blown roast dinner.

5. We're heading to Dundrennan on Saturday to see a house. I can't quite get over it. I am really excited and the ideas are really flowing.

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