hello again

By admirer


A grey sky in the morning, a walking tour to the horses with Piet Hein and Mischa. Carrots are happily eaten. There are two paper-signs at different places pinned against the fence, saying: please do not feed the horses with bread or sugar, thank you. Well we certainly don't do that, it's only carrots.
After lunch Mischa and I cycle along the Diemel to Wülmersen. It is such a nice path, I like it every time more.
A surprise awaits us as we arrive there, a horse with a young born foal in a small field. But the blossom of the tree (apple or pear how would I know, nobody seen to be asked about it) makes the white barn a magic place to me.
The dog that the last time chased me when I cycled there is immediateley befriended with Mischa.
We walk around the Wasserschloss, Mischa seems not be thrilled about it.
The sun appears more and more, it suddenly is a very warm day, enjoyable to say the least. We cycle back and find a woman standing with her full packed bike on our path, asking for the right direction to take to Bodenfelde.
She hears easily that we are dutch as she herself is too.
We tell her simply to follow us, and she tells her aim is Hann. Münden for to-day, but her goal is going to Istanbul, and then finally to go to Irak, she intends to complete her journey in one year!!!
OMG, she lost her way now already. We do part by the Weser and wish her a very good trip.

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