Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Hopes and Dreams

This new piece of street art has appeared in the Unversity of Bradford Peace Garden, hidden away from most of the passing traffic on the Great Horton Road.

Holding onto hopes and deams by a thread, perhaps a comment on the higher education fees crisis?

The signature seems to be Monsta 2011, or possibly Mensa 2011, although 'Mensa' appears to operate mostly in Quito, so that seems unlikely.

I'm not sure I'd seen a piece of street art wallpapered to the surface before - perhaps this is a mixed media flyposter/graffiti installation?

I expect this will provoke debate as to art vs vandalism, but seeing as half the Peace Garden has currently been dug up for a constructors compound, I see this as piece of cultural enrichment.

hopes and dreams ~ held ~ by a thread ~ writing ~ on the wall

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