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That Time of Year Again

So 35 years ago my mother dropped me out in Fareham. The story goes that within a day or so I had left a rather expolsive display all over the maturnity unit I was in, just before a special visit was about to happen. No wonder it is now a load of houses instead.

Obviousley the little ones were excited about today, Baby was sick in the night and Toddler woke early shouting for us. Toddler has been very excited about my birthday for a while and has been asking if she can come to my party for quite some time now.

So we all got up, except Baby who had a lie in, and had a lovely breakfast. I got a lovely crop of gifts including some exciting things that some of which will no doubt get blipped or be used for blipping at some point in the future.

Wife then took the little ones off to a group leaving me and my camera to get the bus to old Portsmouth for a nice, sunny, peaceful morning walk around. Just wandering around snapping is such a nice way to spend time. I walked through the funfair and along the hot walls and followed the water round until I got to Gunwharf. As I walked along by the water a man coming the other way and said "Hello , Jesus loves you", and there was me thinking Jesus had forgotten about my big day. To be honest I would not have been too upset had he forgotten given it is a bit of a crap date for him to remember.

Anyway after a little mouch around the shops at Gunwharf, to buy a hat after yesterdays sunburn, Wife , Toddler and Baby met me and we had a lovely lunch under the sun. After this we considered going on a boat ride but then missed it, so we decided to go up the Spinnaker Tower as Wife has never been up there before dark and the little ones have not been up there at all.

On the way in they took our picture all together in front of a green screen. When we got to the top because the weather was so good you could see for miles. We were a bit worried that Baby and especially Toddler would not like the glass floor but we could not have been more wrong. Baby particularly loved it and could not stop crawling and rolling around on it. It was funny watching all the adults carefully forcing themselves to walk over it very slowly whilst Baby charged past them on all fours.

He enjoyed it so much that he ended up with a considerable amount of tourists taking his picture and cooing over him. A group of Japanese girls told us that they were sure he would be famous one day and asked to have their picture taken with him, Wife and Toddler.

On the way out we even bought the family picture taken against the green screen on the way in with the super imposed tower behind us. We had to really as it is the first family photo of us all looking at the camera at the same time.

So a fantastic special day with the family in good old Pompey. Thank you to all who sent me wishes cards and pressies, and to Wife, Toddler and Baby for making it such a good day and putting up with me for another year, and also to me Mum for dropping me off in Fareham all those years ago!

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