Yes, we are exhausted. All this powder takes a great deal of effort! And the low lying fog continues so at the top of the mountain you can hardly see anything - especially detail in the snow! But down lower, here, it's not quite so bad.

We ventured over to an area on the mountain called the Westridge, serviced by the Gem chair. The runs over here are a lot harder, all blacks and double blacks, mostly. And some fabulous glades too. We just came out of the trees you see behind the girls here.

We skied too much for my old legs though! We came in for lunch, even though the skies were starting to open up. I hated to quit. But my quads were completely burnt out!!! After lunch the girls went back out. I just could not imagine doing anymore runs today. And now the sun is out!!

Tomorrow is another day. Weather for the next couple of days - SUNNY!

ps. I have a bunch of other cool images.
pps. I'll post them to Flickr
ppps. link in my bio ;)
pppps. of course :)
ppppps. Maybe this image is good for this week's "excitment" challenge?

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