The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Over the wire

Ally and I escaped out for a walk this evening after dinner. Home alone tonight, we can do that. I wore my new blip T shirt with pride. I did mention that I wonder what I would say to the first guy that notices and says, "You're a blipper!"
Will I have the guts to say," You're a Pervert!"?

Heaven only knows what we'll get up to in the autumn, when this is a permanent state of affairs. Obviously we will be too poor to do anything but walk by then with two lads at Uni.

Never mind, it'll make dieting easy.

Today I had a strange experience when I returned to the area I used to live in B.A. (before Ally)
I ended up about 3 miles from my old cottage, deep in the hidden folds of the Strathearn hills, at a place I didn't know exsisted. I must say the views were pretty special, just a pity about the bill for the diesel powered electricity generator.



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