The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Sunny In Seend

It was too nice a day to stay in, so I didn't. I had a few things to do so after lunch I drove off. My first call was at Iron Peartree Farm to buy some free range eggs from a self-service container at the side of the road. I'd assumed they came from the chicken run in the field opposite, but today the eggs were there in trays, but of the chicken run there was no sign. Instead there was a grey horse that came over to say hello and a larger chestnut horse that didn't. They had masks to keep the flies off - already. I had a look at the duck pond at Rowde Field Farm next door, always a good blip opportunity, but all the ducks and geese were over the other side from the wall and sheltering.

I stopped again at the Caen Hill Locks - not much going on, one chap with a fishing rod. Further along the Kennet and Avon canal at Spout Lane it was quiet again, just a few people having a chat in the middle distance. I drove through Seend and Seend Cleeve, past the Barge Inn and stopped again, at the Bolland's Hill bridge. Another chap was fishing, some pairs of Canada geese were lazing on the far bank, a narrowboat was going through a lock, watched by some teenagers on a towpath bench. As the boat pulled away one of them chose to lie down by the towpath to use her mobile phone.

Just a week ago we were all buttoned up in thick jumpers and coats but this week everything has changed. It won't last.

I continued to Melksham to complete my errands, spent a couple of hours with a friend, and came back in time for the Archers and EastEnders.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Consecutive Blip #374 (one as yet unprepared for upload)

Grey Horse (Pentax 16-45mm)
Chestnut Horse
Hanging Out At The Duck Pond
Fisherman At Seend

Back-blip: Still Life With Matches: Fanny's Bistro (7.4.2011)

One Year Ago: Blossom (Take Two)(much better than the previous day's)

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