I think everything about today was great!

I got up having had a good night's sleep.
The trousers I wanted to wear had dried overnight.
The lilies in The Mother's bouquet had opened.
The jobs went well at work.
The Man made toasted cheese sandwiches at lunchtime.
WH Smiths had a Visitor's Book, only one design so no time wasted choosing.
The beads I got for customer's repair came with a raffle ticket for a sewing-machine.

Then, after work:-

Had a realy lovely night out with Gillipaw and CeeJ, a chance came up for a Blipmeet. We hadn't met before but G and I have been exchanging comments for nearly 2 years. So over a meal we talked and talked, and not always about photography!

A really, really great night, thank you Gillipaw, I hope we meet again.

EDIT: Just noticed I did a lily last year too! I wonder if I'm any better 1 year later! Don't answer that!

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