By ArcLight

Neither people nor cars in England

We're on a mixture of family and work duty in England.

The thing I dislike about Southern England is that there are too many people and cars.

I therefore set myself the challenge of finding an attractive blip in the middle of this twee town we are staying in that has neither people nor cars in it. In the end I even had a choice. That doesn't mean I was wrong. Just that I was careful with my angles.

Those who envy my ' glamorous' travelling lifestyle should think again. Last night was neither glamourous nor pleasant. My flight home - the last one of the day from Schiphol - was delayed by three hours. I got to bed at 1 30 am but couldn't sleep for ages before an early start today. I saw two mice, a bird and several drunken Scots in the airport. One was denied boarding. I'll leave you to work out which one.

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