By wingpig


Look at it. Little git. It might very well hang its head in SHAME. I just took it off for a couple of minutes whilst I took some flat-surface-based shots inside; that was enough time for it to burrow beneath some crap so that I forgot it when I went out to the shops a few minutes later despite my near-constant whining about winter light levels. It's amazing how differently one sees things when it's from the point of view of seeing them from the nearest flat, dry surface upon which a camera might be safely placed rather than just thinking about what might look nice from a low angle or the nearest available steady surface. It knackered my plans to pop into the graveyard too; I'd even remembered to stick my torch in my pocket to aid the low-light-level focussing. Maybe the strange new type of foul ersatz coffee from the new machines at work is affecting my concentration.

I think I'll see if I can go for a week without sticking links to extra files all over the place. This will hopefully make up for what I expect will be a seven-day relapse into macro-obsession whilst I still have the option...

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