Crocus tomassinianus

Another day at the allotment. It was lovely to wake up and listen to the robins, chaffinches and greenfinches singing their hearts out. Weather was sunny and we had very little wind. M renovated the support for the trained pear trees and made a new support for our Clematis 'Tage Lundell'.

Z continued the 'spring clean' of the borders, and cleaned the mini pond of maple leaves and other debris. While doing that he had a close encounter with the frog that we heard last night. Not sure who got the biggest shock... Later in the afternoon we saw the frog again and could get a better look at it. Now all we hope for is that a lady frog (or two...) will appear tonight, so we can enjoy some tadpoles later in the season.

Supergranny was also there for a short visit just before we left. Weather was sunny and temperatures around +10°C, very little wind.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

One Year Ago: Narcissus 'Bridal Crown'


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