In the moment..

By MoshersMoll

Oostpoort, Delft

The Oostpoort (East gate) in Delft is the only remaining gate in the city and was built around 1400, now classed as a heritage site but used as private residence and an art gallery, it's a lovely piece of architecture. I've visited Delft so many times before but only stumbled upon this area on Friday when I was here last.

A funny old day today actually, didn't exactly go according to plan. We had no idea about the Rotterdam marathon, hadn't seen it advertised anywhere so that totally thwarted our plans for a relaxing stroll around the Kralingse Bos, a large recreation park to the North of the city. We managed to get parked nearby but couldn't actually gain access to the park due to the marathon route, walked for yonks along the perimeter before getting exceedingly cranky, giving up and heading back to the car.

Then the real fun began as we couldn't find our way back out of the city due to the amount of closed roads. Not fun. After what seemed an eternity we made it to the motorway which was bloody rammed (never seen so many traffic jams on a Sunday except in this country), we missed our turn-off and ended up all the way up in Delft, which I'm not complaining about. Spent a couple of hours there, wandering slowly, eating ice cream sundaes and parking our bums on a bench along the river by the Oostpoortbrug, so the day was not entirely ruined.

Wow, my 100th blip already! Didn't even realise before I uploaded this photo then up popped the notification! :D

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