Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

wiers way!

Im not 100% sure but i dont think i have ever blipped a flower before, but i wanted to blip the wier today and was looking for a different perspective to blip it from.
So this daffy came in handy to give us a foreground subject with the wier just gently out of focus.
I like it, I hope you lot do too.

Weather wise today it started off chucking it down but is clearing up now...
I had to grab the weans by the scruff of the neck and throw them oot into the big ootdoors today...they were in the mood for a lazy monday. but this big bad dad was having none of it...besides i needed peace and quiet to sit here inside on my bum, to do my blip!!!

I hope you are all haveing a meroosidishilious monday.

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