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By freespiral

Grand glass launch!

Better weather today - bright and breezy with the odd torrential shower - I got very fed up with hearing how fabulous it was everywhere else yesterday!

Much excitement at school as the glass works were finally unveiled. We had to keep the children calm until 1pm, not easy! Copious amounts of cakes were made by the mummies and the great and the good attended including the local TD (MP) and someone from the Art's Council, and a photographer from the Irish Examiner, so we might be famous. The children introduced their work proudly and then demolished the cakes.

The glass itself was horribly difficult to blip. The main work was four wall lights - they look wonderful when on but terrible in a photo and when off, they look a bit dull colourwise, Each year group also made a small panel which is hanging in a window in the foyer - also a devil to blip as you get reflections which ever side you stand. Anyway, this was the best of my images. It's a small panel made by a group of three big boys and is wonderful for the detail. The spirals of the waves are made from copper wire which had to be placed under the glass and Brian the snail is a worked copper sheet. The Irish flag is quite a feat as the pieces of glass had to be cut exactly. The glass was laid out carefully in small pieces, then 'frit', tiny grains of contrasting coloured glass, was brushed into gaps. it was all put in a hot kiln and fused.

Now I'm madly boiling eggs - loads of eggs,for tomorrow's excitement - it's just non-stop!!

Edit: Just realised this might do for this week's challenge - work

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