By Saffi

Honesty (Lunaria)

Honesty, although common and found growing wild, is not a native plant to the British Isles. It was introduced from Europe about 400 years ago and was especially popular with the Victorians. Today flower arrangers love it for its oval translucent silvery seedheads and that is perhaps the reason why it was named Lunaria - for their moonlike quality.

Another lovely day. The carrier came to load two lots of calves which we managed to put out to grass on the other side of the farm. We make sure they do not stampede with excitement into the ditch by standing at one end of the field to veer them away. Some animals did once and we lost four as they overcrowded over the falling front ones.

Aussie Cousin G is still with us and has a bad cough so we dosed him up, made sure he was warm enough and sat him outside reading for the afternoon. Hopefully he will have recovered by tomorrow.

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