Ponces keep on poncing

Having just gotten back on the horse after Maddox held up a mirror, we get this:

But above all, the people who drive me up the wall are the gormless goats you see poncing around the city with a camera or two hanging round their middle-class necks.

Now who would he be talking about?

These are "Blippers", deeply annoying individuals who shoot what they think are creative photographs ? of walls, clouds, "juxtapositions of light and dark, old and new", anything really, the more banal the better. Then they post their feeble snapshots onto www.blipfoto.com, where sycophants massage their egos and laud their limited technical prowess and dubious artistic sensibility

Add this request from blipcentral to shoot yourself*, and we've at least got something to blip :).

* As in: take a self-portrait. Like, while poncing around. Djeez, what did you think?

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