Out to lunch

Playing truant again today at Le Grau d'Agde, wandering around the market, buying sheep's cheese from the Larzac plateau and olives, watching the holiday shops and cafés waking up for the new season after the winter break. We had a snack lunch at a cafe by the beach which is one of our favourites because it's open throughout the year.

I took quite a few colourful market and holiday photos, but this one of Lo Jardinièr represents our outing best for me. I don't do portraits often and it's even rarer for me to show one in public, but LoJ has agreed. When I told him the title he said it's the title of a jazz album by Eric Dolphy which he likes, but he warned me it wouldn't be my sort of thing....a bit avant-garde for me, but interestingly was produced by Francis Wolff who was also a photographer and who took the photos for the album covers.

And in LARGE you can just see me reflected in LoJ's glasses, poncing about with my camera at about the same time as the Edinburgh event!

Now I must get back to work!

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