By Anonymoose

To tell or not to tell...

Was in a meeting today with a colleague and another person. Have been sniffling away with a viral thing for about 3 weeks now- so I gave my nose a blow before the meeting - just to ensure that I wasn't snorting innappropriately (as one does). Got to the end of the meeting, said my goodbyes and then got in the car to discover a not unsizable piece of tissue still sticking to my nose -it had been there the whole meeting (about 2 hours). Not a big issue but, for part of my drive home, it raised the question of when you should say something to someone with something up their nose - and when you shouldn't... Surely there are ways.

Oh and a traffic warden tapped on my window to tell me off for not indicating at a junction. He was (illegally) undertaking me - on his little scooter- turning left - and thought it very dangerous of me not to signal to let him know which way I was going. One of those gobsmacked moments where the appropriate words just don't come to you quick enough and they leave you reeling in a delayed response of sweary words...

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