Don't Look Back

By JEP27

Chapel Island

A day out to Conishead Priory Buddhist Temple.

After a stroll round the shop and Temple, we walked down through the woods in the priory grounds to the beach and it was.... I can't find the words.

I wanted to picture its beauty, to capture it in the camera and show everyone, but alas I could not do justice to it. It was captivating, so serene and peaceful.

I looked it up on the internet when I got home and found Wordsworth's description, so I will leave you with that in the hopes that he may be able to convey to you what I have struggled with.

William Wordsworth in The Prelude, Book Tenth

As I advanced, all that I saw or felt
Was gentleness and peace. Upon a small
And rocky island near, a fragment stood,
(Itself like a sea rock) the low remains
(With shells encrusted, dark with briny weeds)
Of a dilapidated structure, once
A Romish chapel, where the vested priest
Said matins at the hour that suited those
Who crossed the sands with ebb of morning tide.
Not far from that still ruin all the plain
Lay spotted with a variegated crowd
Of vehicles and travellers, horse and foot,
Wading beneath the conduct of their guide
In loose procession through the shallow stream
Of inland waters; the great sea meanwhile
Heaved at safe distance, far retired. I paused,
Longing for skill to paint a scene so bright
And cheerful.....

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