A chef's day...

By chef

Lots of wild garlic!

I went into the woods this afternoon with my wife and daughter to pick some wild garlic,. It's plentyful but the flowers have not come through yet. I am going to make a soup with it for Sunday. My daughter is having an Easter party then and although I am not doing any food for it I will be doing the soup for the mums and dads. 10 children coming so there will be a lot of soup! I might bake bread too come to think of it. I will also make some (soup) for work and use it as an amuse bouche.

Mussels have finished now as my supplier said they are no good anymore. But on the bright side I picked up the first of the local asparagus today and it will be on my menu from tonight. Now I need to find a supplier who has morelles and then the asparagus starter dish will be complete. Also hopefully soon the samphire will be in season, I always feature that heavily on my menu too!

As for yesterday's blip, thank you everyone for your nice comments and advice. I have now calmed down and realize I can't stop him. I take comfort from the fact that I know he doesn't execute it as well as I do. I didn't give him the weekends off for nothing the last year or so!! Oh and he had chilled fruit juice on the menu as a starter too, that says enough really!

Anyway, onwards and upwards!! Have a nice weekend everybody!!

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