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Story beginnings 1

"How much longer he would have to wait. She'd said seven o'clock. Not even a text message... He'd been waiting for this moment all day. He was finally going to get those keys, the keys to that vault, the vault that kept the secret of his real family... For goodness sake! Why was she taking so long! Maybe something had happened to her... At least he was alone..."

This is my first poor attempt at my new theme (my creative writing skills are not great, just to warn you). If you want to know what my new theme is all about, see my previous blip. And remember, you're free to join if you wish to.

A few years ago I took a writing course, where I learned that the first lines of a story were very important. They should make you want to know more about that story. See if I can manage that! A real challenge!

It was very busy today at work and I was exhausted to start with, which was a bad combination. I'm glad I'm off this weekend, and I hope the weather is nice. My cough is better as well, so it's all good!

Thanks very much for all your nice comments, I'll now try and catch up with all your blips!

Hope you all have a nice weekend! :)

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