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By sharob

The first of three ...

I've mentioned my friend before ... I'm on my iPhone so can't link without major multitasking and I'm a little tired for that this evening ...

When I was pregnant, I joined an online parenting forum. We were all due March 2007, most of us with our first babies, some with seconds / thirds ... In November 2008, one of our babies was taken to the doctor as he suddenly stopped walking, long story short he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer. He died 22 weeks later. He was 2 years and 2 months old. 

I became involved with this circle, and have put a lot of my time into assisting with a charity - Families Against Neuroblastoma. I could put £10 a month into the charity and leave it at that, they'd get £120 a year from me, they'd be grateful for it .. Instead, I hold fundraisers, do whatever I can to give children a fighting chance, and some hope.

 I have arranged 3x 30 minute walks for our "Marchies" as we're all affectionately known -  one in Swindon, one in Birmingham and another in Scotland. The Birmingham one looks as though it'll be the most popular and it also happens that it's our friends newest sisters 1st birthday. We're going to all take along some treats for a picnic after the walk. Tomorrow - or today as it's past midnight is our first walk, we'll be meeting in Swindon tomorrow afternoon! 

Knowing this family, made me reevaluate life, realise what's important, sort my priorities. That's why I keep looking for positives in everything, why I try not to complain about the girls, they're amazing and I'm incredibly lucky. And I know it. 

Perhaps this is a little cheeky, but if anyone could donate, even if it's only 50p, here is our link - - all donations would be appreciated by so many families x x

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