Snaps that came out well

By timr

Couple of things I've realised in the last day or two...

a) I always assumed I was a "zoom lens" person but I suspect, in reality, I'm more a "wide-angle" bloke,
b) In accepting that occasionally I might miss a few and that that's actually ok, the second 100 blips seemed easy in comparison to the first 100,
c) I've been kidding myself I'm an arty photo person but, in reality, I'm still a nerdy geek.

In proving c) above, this calculator is set to work in Hexadecimal mode (commonly used in electronics and software) which, instead of using 10 digits (0-9), uses 16 (0-9 and a, b, c, d, e and f). So 1,561,821,186 in normal decimal numbers is 5d17,8002 in Hex.

Well, I thought it was clever.

Hello to my blip friends (that haven't just suddenly unsubscribed)!

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