secret garden

By freespiral

A great night last night - we walked the farm walk, admired the 900 trees, watched the sun set and the moon rise and attempted to eat supper outside but were plagued by midges.

Today I have been mostly attempting to sell cards - I don't really like doing it, difficult to see your own images through other people's eyes. But ... sales have been made! The local shop has taken one of each complete with display thingy (wretched to put together); the cafe at the end has taken some and sales were also made in Lisa's shop! I don't think we'll get rich, but it's quite interesting.

A glorious day, several blip possibilities but this one won due to the sheer splendour and stuff going on - big skies, silvery line between the sea and the land, odd checkery bits in the foreground and the splodgy sea. All this menace cleared up and we eventually had a glorious day. My other choice was this - even the sheep are stunned by scenery at the end of the Sheepshead!

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