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Today we had a reunion of the family of my father. He had one brother, who had 2 children, and he had a sister who lived after the divorce of his parents with his mother.
My parents had 4 children. My two elder brothers, who have both 2 children and a younger sister, who has 1 girl, and I myself have also 1 girl.
On this bright day we came together in Kamerik (Holland) at the house where my sister lives, midst in the polder. A wonderful place to be.
Twenty-four adults and eight children, quite a lot, but in the garden plenty place to stand, sit, walk, eat and talk!
My eldest brother I had not seen for 13 years, we found out that I remembered that he had decided not to see any-one of us and he told Piet Hein that I had said that I did not welcome him any longer.
I know the truth of course.
It was a splendid day, with this temperature everybody was in the right mood, enthousiast and eager wo find out who was who.
The children had a lot of fun, two of them went to Alphen a/d Rhijn (not far away) to participate in a bike-race-match. A lovely little girl wanted to pluck endless dandelions, another to stir a stick in the ditch nearby.
At some time we walked along a little canal to the end of the "kade" and back.
The blip shows Mischa who with her cousin, in a way, had been the initiator of the event.
View of the canal late afternoon.

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