not seeing straight

By jaybroek

Stomp rocket season

After the marathon drive back from Cornwall we're home. Rapid unpack and head for the garden to enjoy the Edinburgh rays. Tom and I whiled away a happy few minutes trying - and succeeding - to get a decent shot of a Stomp rocket launch but in the end I opted for this portrait. The scar is courtesy of Speckle, a cat belonging to a Bristol friend we visited on the way home. After a week at the cottage with docile farm dogs for company, Tom had high hopes for a friendship. Speckle did not reciprocate.

Portraits of Tom have been a little frequent of late; partly related to holidays and weekend of course but there may be something subliminal at work. We're approaching the fifth anniversary of Tom's battle with meningitis and mid-April finds me reflective. I've come a long way; Christ, I used to make videos. The dormant blog that video come from tells most of the grizzly back story including Tom's deafness.

Which in turn explains the cochlear implants you can just about see - they are some mighty clever technology.

Life changing, no less.

Stomp on.

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