creative lenna

By creativelenna

a banyan tree

Banyan trees have fascinated me ever since I arrived in Florida a little over a year ago. There is a small lane very near me that is literally lined up and down the street with these huge trees. They form a lovely green canopy over this quiet lane and I think they are so unusual looking. I have seen even larger ones around the area, I can think of a huge one at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens . . . but the ones on this street seem quite special to me.

Their roots have over taken sidewalks and I think in some cases grown into the street! I obviously tweaked my photo in Photoshop but I really liked what the layers and the outline filter did to my photo, so I decided it would be the one to upload here. If you'd like to peek at the untweaked tree, click here.

I did a bit of research . . . click here to learn more about these trees.

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