sarah penrose

By sarahpenrose

A day out in Oxford

Today's been a great day. My bf and I set off to Oxford at around midday with the intention of catching some live music at the Truck Store and also grabbing something tasty to eat. We managed to catch the very end of two bands sets but man, it was so HOT in there! Like, you couldn't breathe! So we didn't really stick around there for toooooooo long.
Anyway, we got some AMAZING burgers after that and then wandered into town. I've only ever been to Oxford once and it was before christmas last year when it so horrendously cold and it was pretty difficult to really enjoy it properly. But man, it's a gorgeous place.
My picture for today is of my lovely bf, Simon, sitting on the steps outside the Ruskin School of Drawing. I decided to do absolutely no editing on this picture whatsoever, I didn't think it needed it :) Ain't he handsome?! ;)

As a side note, I had something quite odd happen a bit later on. We went to the cinema after our visit to Oxford to watch Scream 4 and I popped to the bathroom before we went to watch the movie. You know when you go in there're usually two doors to go through before you get in? Well, I heard the second door close as I was about to open the first door. I went on in, expecting to see someone else in there but it was empty. That was pretty weird. But when I was in there, I could hear someone walking back and forth outside the door the whole time. I never heard any of the doors open the entire time and the pacing stopped as soon as I opened the door again. THAT was spooky. I shot back down the stairs to the lobby!

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