Aspiring to be better

By growl3th

Please don't throw up, Dad.

Last day of the Links Market tomorrow but really it's today as they'll be packing up tomorrow. My first chance to get down this year and as Sunday is normally quiet I thought it would be a nice little walk. How wrong could I be? The weather brought people out in thier thousands. But it was overall, a good walk through.

Only one little thing spoiled it. Taking pictures of the rides, as you do, I was approached by a woman who asked if I was taking pictures of her grand daughter. Now as it happened I had snapped a couple of the little girl who I assume she was talking about as she looked like she was having fun on the roundabout. What I said though was the truth. "I'm just taking general shots, No-one in particular." She seemed OK about this and walked back to the ride. But what if she'd been a 6 foot, tattoed, thug who took offence to snapping someone in a public place? Why are people so uptight about someone taking pictures of kids in a public place?

Anyway i've not chosen her pic but rather this one which amused me when I was looking through todays shots.

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