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108 / 365 - Anonymous 'Secrets' Challenge: 01

Anonymous Secret: 01 - 'I want nothing more than to kiss my best friend'

I've recently set myself a new challenge within the 365... I received an anonymous message a few months back saying that people should send me their secret's that they want to get off their chest anonymously through Formspring and I can use it to help inspire the day's image... I'm giving it a go and have received quite a few secret's already of which I want to get through! :)

I've incorporated two ideas into this... my poor Galinda had a shave today to sort out her hair... her and Coco are best friends, love each other, everything. Coco hates her new haircut... Galinda just wants him to love her but he is hating her new look... they normally kiss randomly but today the love has gone... Galinda wants nothing more than for Coco to love her back and her new look.... you can see it in her adoring face all she wants is Coco... he is not interested. :(

Galinda before the big shave!

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