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By Chocolatelover

Mr. Crab

thank you boys for helping me holding this crab. i would not get this shot without your help. actually the boys asked me to take all their crabs in one frame, but err sorry boys, i don't have a good lens to take a great capture of them, this is the best shot that i could take.

about today, i was going to the company*PT. Gratika* to do an interview this morning. but err I think the interview did not go well. I did not know if the interview this time they gave me some questions that must be answered on the spot. oh no .. I'm not prepared at all to answer all the questions, I did not study last night, I did not open and read my accounting books . but, pssssttt .. do not tell anyone if I asked my friend to help me answer the questions, i texted her, luckily my friend can help me .. hee hee .. I do not expect much to be called to further test for this job. so hopeless .. but hey ... tomorrow I'm going to do Psikotest in other company*Century Health*, wish me luck for tomorrow morning.

BTW, have you seen THIS ONE? :D My poncing poncing around the city's image is in this article. I'm in the Scotland newspaper! Do you believe that? :D I didn't spot any gormless goats but i did spot a handsome man..hahaha! :O)

Have a great Monday blippers!

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