Five things

By fivethings


1. I never made the park run as planned. I had the wookie shot last night and knew that getting to Pollock park for nine in the morning was a no-go.

2. Ran home though and logged in to finish everything that couldn't get done yesterday.

3. Up to East Kilbride to see Colin's dad. We come with easter eggs, two chocolate ducks and some glitzy champers.

4. The majestic chinese takeaway is washed down by the bottle of Bollinger, another slightly (only slightly) less glitzy bottle of champagne and several brandy's. This is the coat that Lord Gaga wore when he got engaged. We all agree that it's still fashionable and could do forty or so more years!

5. 3.45am and a bottle of brandy is empty. Not sure how that happened...

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