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One of the great things about Blipfoto is how it gets one out and about. In the twelve months before I joined Blip my annual mileage was a mere 2,544 miles, but in the year following I ran up 5,626 miles, more than doubling that of the year before. 47% of all my Blips in the first year were a car journey away from home, and although I planned to blip less having met my year challenge of consecutive blips, I fully intend to keep up the trend of getting out and about and engaging in proper photoshoots.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting three lovely blippers for the first time, in Bristol. The event was hosted by serpentine, who did a great job of organising and planning a fabulous day, which began and ended on her boat, moored in the Floating Harbour, and was attended, apart from myself, by shepherdess, who naturally brought Roxy the Sheep, and cathryng, all currently Bristolians though cathryng hails originally from California. These links lead to their journal entries of the Blipmeet day.

Serpentine had arranged specially for us to have access to the Albion Dockyard, a haven of rust, rope and boats in all states of repair and disrepair, and our walk also took in a tour of the Floating Harbour, the River Avon, the mouth of the Avon Gorge, a pub, her Boat Sales workplace and a ferry ride back. The weather was perfect and we all got a great load of pictures. I have begun working through the 145 I took and include a link to the Flickr set (24 pictures at the time of writing though I shall be adding many more to the set in the near future), as well as a few alternatives that sum up aspects of the day.

The flags visible in this picture belong to SS Great Britain.


Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Consecutive Blip #383

One Year Ago: Avebury

Pipes And Peeling Paint, Albion Boatyard
Roxy The Sheep
Rusty Girders
Boat Sales
Duck Family Outing

A Day In Bristol, 17 April 2011 (Flickr Set)

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