By PrimeMart

Old Bridge

Took the son Jacca and the dog out blipping along the Severn way this morning.

We parked up at Aust services which gained notoriety when it was presumed that Richey Edwards (the guitarist from Manic Street Preachers) jumped off the bridge, after parking his car here.

Jacca's blip is from the viewing area. We walked along the Severn way and dropped down to the foreshore which is strewn with rocks, trees and car wheels!?! My blip is from practicaly underneath the bridge. Unfortunately it had become very hazy, hence the monochrome.

The walk was finished completed with:

i) Coffee and carrot cake for me
ii) Chips for Jacca (and for me)
iii) A shower for the dog (and for me) who got lagged with mud

All in all a good morning.

EDIT: Here is a link to a pic of the new Severn bridge I took the other day

New Bridge

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