Watt's Up?

By lindee

Pumpkin the teaching assistant

Busy day and week ahead. Got a call for four afternoons at the same public school. Grade 1. It's a long drive north, but the kids are nice and it's far enough away that I get a gasoline bonus. That's quite helpful with regular gasoline going for $1.35 per litre today. In my haste, I again forgot the camera. Lots of good blip subjects up that way. So, while busy marking the students papers, Edward suggest I blip my homework - math, numbers, patterning, connect-the-dots, etc. While shooting away, Pumpkin decides to "help" by stomping on the papers and imposing himself in the blip. Obviously, he is wanting my attention. After my homework, Pumpkin. Then we'll have a little love-in.

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