northern monkeys

By scotchlass

Are you a Twiggle or a Boggle

Today we have been to Bewilderwood just outside Norwich, we went with our friends Linda and her daughter Molly.
This is every child and big kid/adults fun day out, if you like climbing up trees and then coming down slides.

Your adventure starts with a boat ride up the Dismal dyke into the Scccaaaary lake where Mildred the Crocklebog awaits you, it's ok she seemingly only eats vegetarians.
Once inside the main park you follow the paths of "This way" or "That way" off to your adventures across the broken bridge up in the trees, the Muddle maize, through Twiggle village, past Far tree, Bewildervile until you get to the Slippery slope, then its down hill sorry slide down to the bottom, with a few static burns on the way.
As its Easter week, you have to find the coloured eggs hidden around the park, you reward on the way out is a badge, as in the picture.

If you want to try this adventure out for yourself go to

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