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By SJordan

Montjuic and beyond.

Today was really busy, we packed in a lot! Got up early and ha breakfast at 9, before heading out to Barcelona on the Metro. We got off at a Catalunya Place and took a stroll down La Rambla, on a glorious sunny day. It's brilliant just to soak it all up, the gorgeous buildings, the stalls on the street, the people and not to forgot the street preformers, which are always entertaining to watch. :) Half way down we stopped and went into the market, it's stunning, you don't know where to look as there are stalls of bright colours everywhere! There's so much to take in. :D We had ice cream and walked around looking at everything else.

After this we carried on down La Rambla, and Dad and I went up Columbus' Column, a tiny lift which just about fits 4 people takes you to the tiny platform at the top, where you just about have enough room to shuffle around. It is however, so worth it, the views of the city, including the harbour and La Rambla are stunning! :D

After Columbus' Column we went up in the direction of Montjuic, stopping off at a stunning shopping centre, which you could go onto the roof of for some gorgeous views. Here's my parents at the Magic Fountain, with the National Catalan Art Museum in the background, such a gorgeous building. From the top there were stunning views of the city. We also went a little further up, and visited the Olympic Stadium, which was also really interesting.

After Montjuic we headed to Camp Nou, didn't do the tour this time, as we'd done it last year, but we went into the shop, and took a stroll round. There was lots of Gerard Piqué pictures and things to keep me interested. ;) We had dinner while there, then headed back to the hotel (with very sore feet), to leave off our stuff, then went for another walk around Badalona.

La Rambla.

St Josep's Market.


Umbrella Building.

Columbus' Column.

The Harbour.

La Rambla from above.

Me & My Dad.

Palace/Museum on Montjuic.

Dad and Barcelona in the background.


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