secret garden

By freespiral

Best boobs??

Headed to Cork today for essentials - knickers and coffee (strong) at Marks and Sparks; vests at Gap and smellies at Lush. All very satisfactory, and I got some magenta coloured jeans which might work, or they might frighten the horses. We'll see. Of course it was a boiling hot day, up to 70 I reckon and there were some fine sights in Cork City - a little sun and everyone exposes bits they really shouldn't, most of it very white and a bit wobbly.

This immaculate young man was singing serious opera outside the English market. He had a good voice and as I stopped to listen was vastly amused to see which shop he was in front of. Best boobs in one window, and in the other (which you cant see) a big advert for a small rabbit, apparently rampant! Can't think what that was for!!!!

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