I've spent the day getting my head around just where Mum and Dad are at.

Mum is either in a wheel chair or hopping on a walker. A month after she fractured her knee it's unclear when she'll be able to weight bear.

It's a hard load for Dad and he's glad to see me. He's tired and tomorrow needs to spend the day in hospital having another transfusion. They're getting older.

I cooked a couple of cray fish (lobsters) and made a salsa. My brother Stephen and sister in law Jude came round and we shared a yummy meal with a fine NZ sav blanc. It was a good time with stories, sorting details for tomorrow with home care and hospital and laughing at a book of photos Jude put together for Mum and Dad of us kids when we were little.

Jude looking through a couple of wine glasses as we cleaned up summed up a good evening with family.

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