I did try to get off work a little earlier tonight, but I kept finding just one more thing I could accomplish. So I sped on home and stopped off at the local dock. It was windy...really windy.

So cleaning up my camera is in order this weekend right after volunteering at the school soccer game on Saturday and, oh yeah, Easter on Sunday.

Easter will be different this year. My boys and I will enjoy our bit of Easter bunny fun and then head over to a friend's for more egg hunting. My husband has to work. Can't wait to chase them around with the camera.

Wondering when I'll get to that laundry....I bet my husband wonders that himself. It's been folded on the love seat for nearly (if not more) a month now. I just keep making new clean piles, folding them and then never manage to take them upstairs.

Bought some Manuka Honey today to help with my stomach. Pretty amazing stuff if you look into it.

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