By Amalarian


I went out to do a pic of the deep purple wisteria this morning but it was bobbing and weaving in a very lively breeze. I swear we live in a wind tunnel. I took one shot of this clematis and it was better than the blurred wisteria. So I went back and took several more but I've used the first shot I took. Why do I never learn?

I thought this was Clematis Jackmani when I bought it but it turned out to be much bigger and it blooms in the spring as well as the autumn. Last year at this time I was desperate to do a flower with glistening water droplets such as the clever blippers did so I did this one but it was merely wet. No droplets. (You see? It's a repeat.) I thought it was a goner when a landslide took it down the cliff but it was hauled back up and is behaving as if no disaster had befallen it.

There are more than 250 clematis species and even more hybrids. I didn't think I would find out the name of this one on the internet but I did. It's called Waterbury and it is easily the size of the palm of my hand. The pic hasn't been saturated. This is the colour it is.

For the record: + 20 C. Partially cloudy. Humidity 98%

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