Darrell K Morris

By darrellkmorris

To The Seaside

12.30 p.m. SouthBank, London.

The weather was definitely made for a trip to the seaside today. And when the tide is out on the Thames it is wonderful to amble to what constitutes a beach in the city. I ambled from along by the Blackfriars Bridge today to the Wharf where you have to rejoin the herd and walk along the path to the SouthBank. Today, saw the start of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain and this taken from one of the plethora of beach huts that now lone the route up to Waterloo Bridge. They are all wonderful, but this one seemed to evoke the time of the original festival so beautifully and left me once more feeling that I had been born into the wrong era.

If you get chance to visit over the summer, I highly recommend it. For now enjoy this short film on the original festival. I promise there shall be more soon.

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