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Reasons I Love Her (5) - She washes my car

Today has been all cleaning and shopping, it seems most of my days off are like that.

After all the shopping we cleaned Hiedi at Morrisons car wash. Naomi said she felt like she was a Ghostbuster with the power lance and whilst washing off my car she decided to soak me, which was nice of her!! I got her back later on, to be honest I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it, it was a bloody hot day and our little power hose water fight cooled us down even if it did attract a few strange looks!

After the car wash we finally went home and tidied and cleaned, we're still sorting out washing, well Naomi is ;-) I get special dispensation because Blipping is a necessary part of life now!!

I Backblipped yasterday if you're interested: Hastings Pier. Oh and I've decided to activate larger images so now you can see my shots in even better detail :-)

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