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Bluebells In West Woods

After spending the morning continuing to work on my backblog of photographs and still having a month backlog, the desire to get out into the sunshine was overwhelming, and so this afternoon I set off in the car and drove west, through East Kennet and Clatford, and past Clatford Bottom where the cattle were lying down, parking at the bottom of the by-way by Bayardo Farm at the edge of West Woods.

I had come to see the bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta), currently at their best. I noticed some variation in colour and shape between bunches in different parts of the woods as I walked through Broom Copse up towards Barrow Copse, and include an alternative below. The path has the woods to the north and the rapeseed fields of Bayardo Farm below.

I stopped for a wander through the village of Manton on the way back and took some pictures but will return there for Blip another day. I ended up at Avebury, sitting on a table opposite the 16th century pigeon house and reading. I took a couple of shots of the grand tithe barn, but as I intend to blip it in future, I must ask you not to look here.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Consecutive Blip #388

One Year Ago: Ducks

Shed Roofs
Field At Bayardo Farm
Jackdaw At Avebury #1
Jackdaw At Avebury #2

Bluebell Wood Series

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