One Man, Four Cats!

By MattHaighPhoto

Easter Saturday - Somewhere in the Himalayan Footh

Well after leaving the Outer Mongolian jungle yesterday, we set out in persuit of further excitement for our Easter Weekend....

It was all going great, Tea in Tibet, Breakfast in Bhutan and then heading to Laos for lunch....thats when it all went wrong!

Lizzie has been map reading, doing a great job, but the paragliding we did this morning really took it out of her so she had a little snooze. While she slept I decided to take a shortcut. All was fine until the road petered out in to an ...erm... purple, rug like, texture!!!! Then we noticed the giant creature stirring in the rear view mirror!!!

I'll check in tomorrow if we manage to shake him off!!!

Bigger, better!

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