stuff (serves two with a bit left over for breakfast tomorrow):
2 smallish onions
1 normal red pepper
1 bell pepper which looks like it needs to be used up
1 giant carrot
¼ large bulb garlic
1 tin tinned chopped tomatoes
1 amount of olive oil
2 tbsp cumin
4 wee shrunken dried chillis
2 and a bit peoplesworth long-grain rice
1 tin red kidney beans if you forgot to get more chickpeas on the way home

Chop all the peppers, onions and carrot as small as you can be bothered to chop them and bung them in a large saucepan with the olive oil. Stir so that they're all oily and cook until slightly less crunchy than they were when you started or until the chillis and garlics are all finely-chopped and added to the pan. Wash hands carefully. Stir for a bit more, adding the cumin and some normal ground pepper at some point. Gradually stir in the tinned tomatoes then mash with a potato-masher until all the bits of chopped tomato are mushed up. Wash the strange purple fluidgubbins off the kidney beans and heat them in a cupful of boilingish water for five minutes, drain and add to the pan. Wash the rice. Drain the rice. Boil the rice. Drain the rice. Mix together. Fold three medium-sized spoonsplodges onto a microwaved khobz, fold up and serve.

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