The second half of life..

By twigs

Wet fungi

Well actually, everything is wet here today! :(

A kind of a blah day really - headed to town early afternoon but turned around before I got there as the weather was appalling and I didn't think I'd enjoy casually cruising the shops in pouring rain. It turns out that was a good option - apparently town was packed with optimistic shoppers - visitors here for the Easter weekend but confined to sheltered activities to keep them dry.

Did some school work - enough to make me feel I'd made a decent dent in things although, as ever, there's still plenty to do.

Went up to M's for tea and watched the rugby on their pitch-sized screen. This was a game I had thought of going to as it was being played here in Nelson but again, the weather had put me off. Much better option to watch from the comfort of a lazy-boy recliner amongst good company :) Thanks M!

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