By SarahSmith

More Spring!

I can't believe how lucky we are with this fabulous weather. So, I took the day off of procrastinating and went to Sussex for sun lounging and pub lunching. I tried an experiment on the trampoline to see if I could jump this high or even this high! My feet barely left the trampoline but that was high enough for me. Any one of a similar vintage will know what I mean :| And anyway, I had to watch out for the powerlines above.

Once again, I left my memory card in the back of my computer. Although the picture was carefully staged and set up (ah hem) by me, it was Steve who very kindly pressed the shutter on the iPhone!

Happy Easter!

Edit: I just lost a huge chunk of tooth biting on a piece of chocolate left behind by stepson (accidentally I might add... I mean he left the chocolate behind by accident!). Wonder how much that's gonna cost to repair.

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